Post Training Program Fitness Shoot

Anna Kate is a local trainer here in Wichita, KS and has teamed up with trainers, Dave Wilkerson (not shown in images) and Becky Stanski. Whether you are looking to shred, bulk up, or lose a couple pounds or inches, this group offers a great package for the price that also includes a customized nutrition plan (macros or meal plan) to fit each individual’s body make up.

At the end of their 12 week fitness program clients had the opportunity to be in front of the camera and showcase what they have accomplished. As the clients arrived ready for their session, I could see they were excited to perform some of their favorite exercises/lifts. With the assistance of Anna Kate’s experience in the fitness competition world and being in front of a camera we’re were able to make sure each client had the correct look to emphasize a particular muscle group, each client has been focused on.

I had the great opportunity to be the photographer for this event, which was held at Forge Fitness, located in Old town area. If you have never been to this gym, I highly recommend taking a look at this place. If you want a place to do Olympic weightlifting, Crossfit, Strongman, or Athletic Performance. The gym allows for 24/7 access. Here’s their website if you are curious about reading more.

If you are considering joining a fitness program and not sure which one may be the best for you, I would recommend taking a look at what Anna Kate offers. Due to the pandemic she now offers home work out plans.

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